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Hollywood Bingo offer their loyal members who play bingo online, a chance to win stardom and enjoy the arc lights in the popular online bingo site. You win hefty rewards and priority benefits in their loyalty program by just doing what you like most, yes playing bingo and chatting. Apart from the cash rewards, HollywoodBingo gives you the opportunity to gather star points which can later be converted into solid cash under the program, making this one of the best bingo sites.

Chat rooms in Hollywood Bingo are turned into point churning machines as the chat game purchase of a 5p and 10p ticket can deposit one star point into your account which extends to 10 star points for a £1 ticket. Simply saying, you will be gaining star points in your bingo account while chatting away with friends.

Your star points will be measured through a credible 5 star system. The 5 star level program with Cubic, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond level is scheduled as follows:

Cubic – When you sign up for the first time with a less than £2,499 deposit you will be at Cubic level and can enjoy a 75% deposit reward on every successive deposit.

Sapphire – After a deposit of 2,500-4999, your level moves up to Sapphire. At the Sapphire level you can avail the holiday rewards and Birthday Bonus.

Emerald – The prestigious Emerald level is for members with deposits in the range of £5,000-9,999 at this online bingo site.

Ruby – A deposit of £10,000-24,999 will lift you to the lofty Ruby Star Level, which in simple terms means a 5% monthly money-back bonus.

Diamond – The ultimate stardom at Hollywood Bingo prevails at £25,000 deposit, which gives you a guarantee of 10% money back along with a flood of gifts and offers including Holiday gifts, priority entrance to a fine list of bingo games earning along the way a reputation of the bingo guardian.

Cash back Bonuses – the cash back bonuses for each member at HollywoodBingo is gauged in a unique way, as a percentage of your losses suffered for the month calculated by reducing the withdrawals from the deposits and then adding back the reversals. These bonuses are given in terms of Star points. If you reach a Ruby or Diamond level, you will be notified through mails.

Invite Friends - Reference scheme here in bingo online, is mind-blowing, as you get 5,000 star points for referring your friends. You can also earn extra 1,000 points with every new account you take. So invite your friends for a chat and game and take back a thousand points when you log off.

At Hollywood Bingo you can play with the stars and chisel out your own identity, which in the end, earns you tons of cash not to mention the crowning stardom reminiscent of the Hollywood celebrities!! 




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