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bingo hollywood

Looking for a fab bingo experience? Check out Bingo Hollywood! Accepts PayPal!

When it comes to keeping a tight control over our cash we have a ton of options at our disposal and each has its own benefits. One system that’s incredibly popular is PayPal and when you combine this with a great site like Bingo Hollywood you’re bound to have the best online bingo experience available.

Using PayPal with Bingo Hollywood

Although it may seem complicated controlling your cash using the Bingo Hollywood PayPal option is incredibly easy.

For starters when you’re making a deposit you have to place the cash in your PayPal account, from there you then sign into your bingo account and choose the option to deposit in the Cashier tab. From there you choose PayPal and follow the onscreen instructions to top up your account with your cash.

Where it starts to get tricky is the withdrawals because Bingo Hollywood’s policy states that they may ask for proof of your identity in photographic ID, some proof of address or a notarized document. Also the minimum amount you can withdraw from your account at any given time is £50.

To make a withdrawal you head over to the Cashier tab and hit withdrawal, then choose your preferred payment method and the amount you would like to take out. Then you’ll then have to wait approximately 4-5 days for the cash to be processed, withdrawn and then deposited into your PayPal account.

Once the cash is finally in your PayPal account you can then take it out and spend it at your leisure or deposit it straight into your bank account using the card you have registered with PayPal.

The Benefits of Using PayPal

Although this may seem like quite a lot to go through to get your cash there are quite a lot of benefits to using PayPal as your main method of controlling your cash.

For example, PayPal uses a system of secure servers to keep your cash and more importantly your card details safe. In an era when even the big sites are being compromised and our details could potentially be leaked having a reliable system like this at our disposal is a great relief.

Another great feature of PayPal is that it allows for instant transaction speeds and although it takes a few days for payments to clear on Bingo Hollywood, when you’re using PayPal to buy retail items or transfer cash into and out of your bank account it happens instantaneously.

This then means you can easily keep track of how much cash is going into and out of your account at any given time. It’s also widely accepted as a payment method so the majority of online sites will allow you to use it.

Overall PayPal is a great system to use to manage your money and if you sign up for a site like Bingo Hollywood you should definitely use a great system like this.

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bingo hollywood

Play like a VIP at Bingo Hollywood! Join now and deposit with PayPal!

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