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Hollywood Bingo is one of the hottest and most highly rated new online bingo releases of 2010. Apart from exemplary service, great bonuses and excellent support the site offers some of the best online bingo in the business. We will take a look at the HollywoodBingo 90 ball rooms in this article to highlight this premium site's online bingo action. 

Hollywood Bingo  90 ball bingo rooms 

HollywoodBingo features two dedicated 90 ball bingo rooms one being a funded or cash only room and one a funded and free play room.  

Superstars Room                                      

Superstars is a cash only 90 ball bingo room that remains open 24/7. The Superstars room features great chat games with some of the best chat hosts around and is the room where the Superstar for a Day and Superstar Prize Hour promotions are held. Ticket prices in the Superstar room range from 5p to 25p. Chat games in this room earn player SP's (Star Points) that can be redeemed for play at the guest's discretion. 

Silver Screen Room 

The Silver Screen room is a non-funded room where players can either play pay games or enjoy free play bingo and chat games. This is also the room where loyalty point winners can in high stakes free play bingo games. The Silver Screen is open from 12pm to 12am and the room's chat games are hosted between 6pm and 12am. Ticket prices for pay games range between 1p and �1 in the Silver Screen room. 

One of the defining characteristics of Hollywood  is their commitment to changing the way online bingo is played and this dedication to service excellence shows in every part of the HollywoodBingo experience. This is particularly true of their games and a visit to any of their bingo rooms will prove to be the double cream topping on this great smorgasbord of online gaming entertainment. Treat yourself today and visit them at  


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