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This year has been a watershed one for the online bingo industry in one important area - customer service. 2010 has seen some significant raising of the bar in this area from the new sites that went live during the year with a huge increase in focus on what the community actually needs. Although this phenomenon has been characteristic of all new sites this year one in particular has lead the pack by a fair margin - Bingo Hollywood.

Bingo Hollywood burst onto the scene amidst some of the most intense excitement and speculation of any of the new sites for 2010 and proceeded to gather the largest membership in the first few months of its existence. Not satisfied to rest on its initial achievements Hollywood Bingo has continued to benchmark efforts to improve the general quality of the online gaming experience for members of the online bingo community with excellent and innovative products, professional and friendly service and great bingo bonuses and jackpots. 
This process has not slowed or stagnated either and Hollywood Bingo has continuously set both itself and, in the process, the rest of its industry siblings new and higher challenges. These changes were sorely overdue as the industry had become somewhat short-sighted when it came to the grass roots needs of the community that made their existence possible. Fortunately most operators have seen the light and the online bingo community can now look forward to brighter prospects going forward.

What has Bingo Hollywood done though that sets it apart in this regard? One of the first steps was actually the simplest and often most neglected single act - to listen. They listened to the input, suggestions and criticism and used the input as a measuring stick on which to model their products and services. The result was a bingo site that closely mirrored the real needs and wants of the online bingo player in all respects and although it is impossible to please all the people all of the time Bingo Hollywood comes pretty close.  
The sites drive to not only recreate a glitzy Hollywood aura but to make its players take centre stage as the Stars of the moment has been a particularly successful concept and one constantly feels part of "something bigger" while playing the sites games. The Hollywood theme of the promotions and products adds to this impression and is, no doubt, an important ingredient in the sites recipe for success. 
The attractive and user friendly nature of the site as a whole and the high quality of the games and services combined with the excellent bonuses and jackpots on offer all enhance the overall Bingo Hollywood experience. All of these front end efforts would not be effective if they were not backed by a solid and professional support function and the site does not fail in this area either. Queries, problems and complaints are speedily and efficiently dealt with by some of the best support personal available. Hollywoodbingo is, in short, a whole product. Solid and well rounded in all facets of service delivery and is a worthy industry leader. 



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